March in Washington

March in Washington Details

WE ARE sounding the Clarion Call to the Bride of Christ (Christians) to come out of the caves/closet in unity for revival in the United States and take their place in the Army of the Living God.  Let’s take America Back to the Original Intent by God.

March with us to Bring God back in America! We are partnering with Heaven in prayer and unity for God’s will to be done in America. Be there about 9:30 to pray and bring a lawn chair!

Our Commercial

We are looking for Gideon’s Army of 300 who will march with us to declare the following in our nation:

  • We ARE a Christian Nation
  • God put in  President Donald J. Trump and we support what God is doing in America
  • We will pickup the mantle of the covenant that God made with our nation and we will give God our land back!
  • We will go back out into our communities and begin to love our neighbors again
  • We will take our position in the army of the Living God and become the sons and daughters of God.
  • Watch the documentary of the voices of the nation from Dr. Knight’s national tour where she interviewed Americans.
  • Pray for our  country and pray for revival to come in our nation


  • We are not protesting. This is a PEACEFUL rally and march.
  • We only support Christian ideology at the march. Please no offensive materials or Anti-Christian materials.
  • Although this is not a political rally, we do support our president and you are welcome to show your support.
  • This is a conservative Christian rally.