Press Release for MAGA Revival March

Press Release

Christians March to “Take Our Country Back” on 09.09.17

MAGA Revival is sounding the Clarion Call to the Christians to come together in unity and take our country back.  We will march in Washington D.C. on September 9, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will march from the Washington Monument to the White House and back.  This is the time to show their support for our President, Israel, pray for the nation & revival.

MAGA Revival’s President, Dr. June Knight, traveled the entire border of the United States on a National Revival Tour starting in Washington D.C., on April 1 and ending in July in DC.  Dr. June drove 36 states, 18,000 miles and started out with $20.  Faced with challenges of a rod knocking, bald tires and no money, she headed out in obedience to the Lord. She interviewed average citizens across America about the Christian role in America today and the truth of how they genuinely feel about the President. Dr. June wrote a book to the president and gathering signatures across the nation showing support.

Also during this tour, MAGA Revival hosted four strategic revivals on the north, south, east and west of the nation. The targeted locations were Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Nashville.

MAGA Revival means reviving the heart of America to the ORIGINAL intent that God meant when He made a covenant with our nation. We believe revival is the key to make America great again. We are partnering with Heaven in prayer and unity for God’s will to be done in America. We support our president and pray for him. Our goal is UNITY in the Body of Christ to show solidarity in our nation.

We will blow the shofars and trumpets in UNITY on September 9, 2017 declaring that Jesus is Lord over America.  We believe Trump is a trumpet and we will partner with Heaven for the mission of God to be done on the earth.

In addition, MAGA Revival hosted a 50 Dayz a Blaze Prayer for each state beginning in June. They prayed for one state a day for victory and revival in that state.

Join other Christians on September 9th at the Washington Monument behind the White House and let’s take our country back! Get involved by signing up on our website: Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MAGArevival.

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