Book for President Donald J. Trump

The Lord instructed Dr. June to write a book to President Donald J. Trump and explain to him what she’s been hearing from the 250 ministers she’s interviewed on radio and TV the past two years. She explains how he is an answer to prayer and we believe that God put the president in office by divine appointment.  The first chapter is a letter to the president explaining the Christian’s support to him and how we pray for him. the 2nd chapter is over 380 pages for signatures. As Dr. June travel the United States from border to border, she will have this book with her for average American citizens to sign.

As you sign this book, you will show the president that you support him and are praying for him. At the end of the tour, the Lord said that she will give this book to President Donald J. Trump as a gesture that the church in grassroots America very much supports him! Don’t miss the opportunity to sign this historic book!

Please note that this book was written before registering in March. Previously it was “Make America Great Again”.

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