Speakers for the March

2017 #MAGArevival March Speakers

Saturday, 09/09/17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

See the Interviews about President Trump at the March/Rally!

Dr. June Knight – MAGA Revival Host, Mount Pleasant/Nashville, TN

Dr. June leads We are the Bride Ministries. This is a media ministry consisting of WATB.tv, WATB Radio & other adventures. She is the president of TreeHouse Publishers and written seven books.  In 2017, she led a 40-Day fasting and prayer initiative with another minister on WATB Radio and prayed for the incoming presidency and the country. From this, God launched MAGA Revival. This is a six month mission and the march will officially end it. Following this march, Dr. June will write a book revealing what the Lord exposed through traveling the nation.

Pastor Marvin Swanson – Liberating the Captives – Colombia, South America

Pastor Marvin is from Canada. He is a missionary to Colombia, South America. He has a YouTube Channel and Ministry called Liberating the Captives Ministry. God has given him the heart for President Donald J. Trump and the United States of America. You can see his YT channel here.  He has a prayer partner that he has prayed with for one year for Donald J. Trump. He believes that God divinely placed him in office and they pray for him everyday.



Pastor Vicky Rawdon –  Sweet Water House of Prayer – Hohenwald, TN

Pastor Vicky has traveled to so many different countries on missions trips! She has a vast history of ministry and loves our nation. Her husband John is the pastor of Sweet Water House of Prayer in Hohenwald, TN.  They have a huge food ministry in which they give out over 20 tons of food a week to their community. She is married to John Rawdon




Jeffrey McCall – For Such a Time as This Ministry – Georgia

Minister Jeffrey has been delivered from homosexuality and the transgender lifestyle and he’s championing the message of TRUTH to the LGBTQ community. We call for REVIVAL of Truth! He will speak about holiness and the cry of God for TRUTH in our nation.





Brenda Bush – Outreach Minister at Clarksville International Church, Clarksville, TN

Minister Brenda will lead the nation in worship and patriotic songs. She attends Clarksville International Church in Clarksville, TN. This town is next to Fort Campbell Army Base. She leads up an outreach ministry in which she ministers in nursing homes, prison ministry and feeds the community. She has a heart for the lost. She is married to Bryon Bush.




We are honored to have all of these great speakers. This will be LIVE on WATB.tv and Facebook on our MAGA Revival Page. Please pray for us as we sing, blow the shofar, show the video of the Americans talking to President Trump, speak to our nation and pray for our country! Following all of this, we will march around the White House praying for our country! WHAT AN HONOR!




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