MAGA Revival Tour 2017

Making America Godly Again National Tour 2017

March – July

Washington D.C. to Washington D.C. Entire Border

36 States & 18,000 miles!

Dr. June drove the entire border of the United States in her 2004 Hyundai Tiburon. She started out with bald tires, a rod knocking, and $20! The Lord supernaturally took her around the entire United States and asked her to do the following:

  • Pray to secure the borders and partner with President Trump’s agenda in the spirit and God
  • Host four revivals across the US on North, South, East and West.
    • North – Detroit Michigan “Healing of the Land and the Races”
    • South – Houston Texas “Bride – Come out of the Caves”
    • East – Nashville Tennessee “Bride – Be activated into the Great Commission – #GoYe”
    • West – Los Angeles, California “Revival of the Past and Revival of the Present”
      •  At these revivals the Lord told Dr. June to blow the shofar and to  declare certain things. They are all complete now and only God knows what happened through those declarations across the United States.
  • Interview Americans all over the place. (Rest areas, truck stops, parks, stores, churches, meetings, etc.). Ask them two main questions:
    • What is God doing in our country today and what would you say to Americans?
    • If you could talk to our president, what would you say?
    • Dr. June conducted “Bride Time LIVE” Interviews across nation interviewing ministers through
    • Also did radio interviews on WATB Radio.
  • The Lord instructed Dr. June that there would be six cities across US that she will get out and plant her natural feet on the ground and partner with Heaven about certain things. Three on the East side of the Mississippi and three on the West.
    • East –
      • Miami, FL – prayed at the Port in Miami
      • Niagaira Falls NY – prayed at the falls and prophesied in both Canada side and US side
      • Pawtucket, RI – prayed at a native-American historical place by river
    • West –
      • New Orleans, LA – prayed at a port
      • El Paso, TX – prayed at the border crossing into Mexico
      • Jamestown, ND – prayed at their courthouse
  • Pray for Americans
    • She prayed and ministered to Americans everywhere
  • Write a Book to President Donald J. Trump and tell him what has been happening in the United States over past few years and how he plays such a role in the Kingdom of God. Then prophesy to him.
    • Also, have Americans sign the book from the various states to show the president the true support from Christians.

See the Interviews

Bride Time LIVE Interviews

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